Saturday, 5 May 2007


An email received in response to the question, 'When will the Protos Stoves be available in Europe?'

Many thanks for your request below.Since April last year, when BSH introduced Protos to the Press andsubsequently millions of people, we have had numerous requests to purchaseour cooker in Germany, Europe and North America
.At this point, we have not been able to fulfill these requests for severalreasons. The first is that the resources we have devoted to thedissemination of the cooker have been focused exclusively on developingcountries. Protos is currently for sale on the islands of Leyte and Samarin the Philippines and will soon be available in Arusha in Tanzania.

Inthe other countries where we plan to introduce Protos in 2007, we arecurrently preparing or just at the beginning of the necessary test andadaptation phase which our internal quality standards require for each newregion. Additionally, introducing a new technology in Europe/North Americarequiresnavigating some complex legal issues which are also time-intensive andpotentially costly.

We are carefully considering the potential ofintroducing Protos - perhaps as a camping cooker - at some point in 2008.However, this has not yet been determined.In mid-2007, we will be re-launching the Protos website The new website will contain significantly moreinformation that is currently available as well as the opportunity to signup for a newsletter and place your information in our database. The newsletter will keep you up to date on where Protos is available and otherinteresting developments.With regard to request to receive plans to construct a cooker, it isnecessary to communicate that the technological development andperformanceof our cooker is the result of 8 years of research and developmentincludingsignficant investment.

Naturally, some of the advances we have made areproprietary and therefore not subject to public dissemination. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Best regards,BSH Bosch und Siemens
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