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Solar collectors (solar panels) mounted on a roof are connected to pipes containing a heating fluid mixture of water and antifreeze. When the sun heats up the solar collectors the hot fluid is pumped through the pipes to a heat exchange coil in the new solar hot water cylinder. Here the captured solar energy is transferred from the hot fluid in the coil to the household's hot water supply. The hot water in the cylinder is connected to the taps, shower, washing machine, etc in the usual way.

In order for the solar water heating system to run safely and efficiently, a range of valves are installed in the heating fluid circuit. A series of temperature sensors are connected to a digital solar controller to switch the system on or off according to the solar energy available.
On days of limited sunlight, solar energy alone may not be sufficient to heat the household's water to a usable temperature. In this case your conventional boiler or your immersion heater (if fitted) can be used to further boost the temperature of the solar heated water.
choosing the right system

As with all technologies there are good and not so good solar water heating systems. When choosing a solar water heating system there are a number of points to consider:

Hot water storage cylinder
The size of the hot water storage cylinder is generally determined by the amount of hot water your household uses in a day.

Typical daily hot water usage:

Volume In Litres (litres)

Standard sized bath
Corner bath
Shower / Power shower
Washing machine
Kitchen sink
Bathroom washbasin

A new solar hot water storage cylinder is usually fitted in the airing cupboard replacing your existing storage cylinder. If the space around your existing storage cylinder is limited an alternative position or design can normally be agreed.

Size and quantity of solar collectors
Allow around one square meter of collector surface area for every 45 - 50 litres of hot water to be stored.

Position of solar collector
Collectors in the UK work best when facing south and at an angle of around 35 degrees from the horizontal.
A well designed and constructed solar water heating system should provide many years of good service with little maintenance.

Assuming a life span in excess of 20 years, solar water heating offers good value for money when comparing the initial investment to the cost of a household's current heating fuels. The costs of conventional heating may increase over the years as existing oil and gas supplies diminish and 'pollution taxes' are levied.

It is also important to consider the cost of electricity to run the solar heating system (pump, controls etc). For a typical home this is less than £5 per year.
Solar water heating cannot be considered good value if the initial system cost is too expensive. For this reason it is important to shop around for a competitively priced system using high quality components.


Babington Burner Atomizing Nozzles For Sale - Worldwide Postage.

Babington burner atomizing nozzles are used to atomize almost all combustible fuel sources. Fuels such as vegetable oil, WVO waste vegetable oil, WMO waste motor oil, waste gearbox oil, waste transmission oil, peanut oil, canola oil and paraffin oil can all be burned very cleanly.

The Babington Nozzle works on the same principle when a whale surfaces to breathe. It is not the whale spraying out water from it's blow hole but air blown out under high pressure and the water running over the whales skin creates surface tension (Thin film of sea water) when the air passes through the film of water the water is atomized.


We are proud to announce that our Babington Nozzles are now in full production and payments should be made to via Paypal for 39.99 GBP - Free P&P within the UK and + 5.00 GBP worldwide shipping.
We guarantee to send each individual Nozzle out within 5 working days of receipt of money.

Our Babington Burner Nozzles have the following specifications:

Ball Diameter
Ball Material
1MM Thick Spun Brass
Air Connection
15MM Copper Compression Gland
Brazing Metal
55% Sure Silver M25T Rods 680 Degrees Celsius Melting Point
Atomizing Hole Specification
0.0135" Diameter Hole - Pillar Drilled @ 20,000 RPM
Air Pressure Suggested Rating
15 - 80 PSI - Set To Suit Individual Application
Acid Dipped, Hand Wired & Polished
Notes On Finish
Oxidization will occur when exposed to air - This does not affect performance
Hand Made In The United Kingdom
Babington Ball Usage
Clean Atomization of combustible oils & fats - Various Heating Projects

The Babington burner nozzles are one off creations, hand made and designed for the complete combustion of oil and waste oil products.

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We like to work on bespoke / one off domestic living spaces such as: Woodland Low Impact Houses, Eco Houses, Boat Homes, Isolated Properties, Custom Built Homes, Yurts, Dome Houses, Straw Bail Homes, Reclaimed Building Material Homes. Anything that requires all the creature comforts of a traditionally built home but without the restraints of Grid-Tied Electricity.

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