Thursday, 3 May 2007


Homebrew Protos Plant Oil Stove

After reading with interest all about the Protos plant oil stove and seeing the potential in the burner I took it upon myself to recreate the burner part of the unit.

Some things I changed for simplicity are on the vapourising element I only have one feed from the oil supply, the other end I have capped. My test unit is constructed from Micro bore 8mm copper tube, unsuitable for long term use but easy from a fabrication point of view.

I managed to create a 0.5mm hole by reaming out the tube with a drill bit and then pecking through the final copper tube with a sharp nail.

I placed my Protos burner into my Turk burner unit previously fabricated and connected it to my oil supply via a peristaltic pump at 0.5L per hour delivery.

Igniting was achieved with the help of a propane blow torch, this easily got the unit up to working temperature.

My Protos clone is in (Alpha) testing right now and I will bring some more details on how it performs in due course.

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