Friday, 11 September 2009


I have recently noticed that one of my website pages Solar Power For My Summerhouse Shed receives over 200 hits a day.

It seems from my own research that more and more are looking to move into 'Low Impact' houses / log cabins. Domestic dwellers are now also looking to move away from grid connected lifestyles. The enquiries for 'Solar hot water, Solar hot water powered swimming pools and Off-Grid cabins' are coming through to me on a daily basis. All great news for my business and even better news for our planet. I am always happy to see the completion of one of my Renewable Energy installations as I get to walk the client through their new devices. To see the clients face light up when the hot water tank heats up by the power of the sun is such a great sense of achievement, or when the inverter springs to life from the battery bank and their television comes alive with nothing more than the power of the wind and the sun (Priceless)

Whilst on the subject of interesting pages here are the best ones from HomeBrewPower.

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Enjoy the links!