Monday, 14 May 2007


How To Generate Free Electricity CD Rom

CD Rom's Are Posted On A Daily Basis!
Fully Interactive CD - All My Own Work
People ask me about my home in inner city Leeds, they ask me what the 'Thing' is on my chimney, what does the control panel in the living room do? Well the answer is I make all my own electricity and for practically nothing!

Yes, I decided when I could not afford to pay for my electricity at the rising rates any more that I would make my own!

Yes it is possible and yes I have done it!

My CD is not a miracle formula nor is it a 5 minute scam. It explains everything you need to know about how to produce your own electricity for use in your home.

Everything comes with drawings, diagrams, explanations, pictures, links to suppliers, further help and most importantly my mobile number because I not only make my own but also offer to come and work on your project for a daily fee to get you Off the Cash hungry grid!

Oil is now big news, it is in the headlines just about every day now, UK's power stations burn oil to produce your electricity so people are going to feel the rises in the next month or so.
5 years ago my ideas where nothing more than a dream but now, thankfully, they are a reality, I have done it and so can you.

I have included all you need to get going with your project regardless if you want to power your outdoor light or if you are serious about getting all the power you need from Eco-Friendly resources.


1. Building a battery bank
2. Storing your power
3. Building your wind machine
4a.Adding Solar power
4b.Adding a generator
5. Suitable generators
6. Fuel for your generator (Old Oil!)
7. Reducing your power needs
8. Power from the sun9. Diagrams & Info10.Explanations
11.My Story
12.Further help

Nothing magic, just all my own hard work!

Your CD Rom will be sent to you as a plain CD Rom in a Jiffy bag, If you would like to print out a label then the label template is in the root directory of the CD Rom.

I prefer not to waste paper & ink as I am trying to become carbon neutral.

I hope you only print out a label if you really need to do so, do your little bit to help our now very fragile environment.

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