Monday, 30 January 2006


Through the night!

Tonight and into the early hours of the morning I have been setting out the basic template for Nothing too flashy, just simple to navigate and read.

Must get the wind generator painted tomorrow as long is it is not raining I am going to do it first thing.

Had a pretty lazy Sunday today, done more thinking than doing but it all counts.

Anyone out there is interested in a 36VDC Soneil battery charger, very professional and expensive! Give me a mail and I will consider selling it. I purchased it when I was looking into other voltage systems prior to deciding on 12VDC as my prime storage voltage.

I'll post some pictures of the wind generator once I have done tomorrow.....

Sunday, 29 January 2006


Things I have done this evening:-

1. Dug second trench in back garden from my Generator house to the house and knocked out holes under house and in shed.
2. Laid 2 x 10mm Microbore pipes from house to Gen, both fully lagged!
3. Laid 2 x 16mm2 Twin & Earth cables from House to Gen shed, 1 for Mains power to house from inverter the other for 12VDC under the house.
4. Sanded, treated and sprayed Exhaust in High Temp Mat Black paint.
5. Sprayed all pipework for dual fuel in High temp matt black paint.
6. Installed & fabricated 8mm Microbore heat exchanger (15 Coils) around exhaust.
7. Stripped down injector on the Lister and tuned spray nozzle to get a very satisfying 40deg mist and the famoud 'Creeking' noise!!
8. Primed fuel and started Lister first time!

The Lister jumped into action without any hesitation at all, let it run for 5 seconds and went for the fuel governer, once I touched it it died. I tried opening the governer up again but nothing! I took the injecter out again and there was no spray pattern!!

The problem is the injecter nozzle and nothing more! I need a new or working one!

Tomorrow I have 2 jobs to do for people, new BT point and an outside light of all things! Once that is done I am going to couple all my pipework up and internally lag the pipes, may even couple up the system to my central heating....

Also I am painting my wind generator in 'Straight to metal' paint tomorrow, matt black to make it look even more neat and tiidy.

I am so close to first stage completion now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oh, I am hooking my coolent system up tomorrow as I now have all the pipework and fittings to do so, plus since I am on with that I'll be finishing the Veg oil storage tank brackets and pipework as well.

More later......