Saturday, 12 May 2007




1929 saw the birth of the Lister CS (cold start) diesel engine. A single cylinder 5hp diesel engine that ran at 600 rpm. Later the speed was increased to 650 rpm resulting in 6hp being developed. An yet later the an 8hp model was released turning at 850 rpm.

The 6hp 650rpm version was discontinued in 1974. and final production for the 8hp model stopped in 1985. The Lister CS engine has become legendary for its record for longevity with many engines running in excess of 100,000 hours without being overhauled. Some engines have been reported running almost continuously for 40 years. The Lister CS was shipped to may developing nations where its simple design and ease of repair added to its popularity.

In the early 1960s India began producing clones of the Lister CS. These clones have been named listeroids. Many companies in India export listeroid engines and parts throughout the world.

The slow speed of the Lister engine lends very well to it's ability to burn lower quality fuels including waste motor oil and waste vegetable oil. One company is now beginning to produce a listeroid based generator system that is all ready for burning waste vegetable oil.

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