Friday, 11 December 2009


An Innovative Cooker

A cooker powered with plant oil?

That doesn't seem so unusual in an age in which even automobiles run on rapeseed or other common cooking oils. But, a high-tech, high-quality stove that is nevertheless so inexpensive that even poor families in developing countries can afford it, is a special challenge that requires a unique focus.

All people eat. Around the world we prepare many different types of food in many different ways. Over 2.5 billion of the world's population prepares food on open fires. Up to 700 kilograms of wood are needed per person per year to fulfill such cooking requirements, often leading to severe deforestation as well as health and safety problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that every year as many as 1.6 million people die - mostly women and children - from indoor air pollution caused, in large part, by those fires. Furthermore, deforestation leads to ecological problems like flash floods and mudslides - as seen recently in the Philippines and elsewhere. 

The Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group (BSH) is working to provide a viable alternative to open fires, charcoal, kerosene, or gas used for cooking. Specialized in developing world-class home appliances, BSH is dedicated promoting sustainable living all members of society around the world. In 2003, BSH acquired the plant oil cooker technology and offered to apply its considerable know-how to further develop the technology and create a market-ready, plant oil cooker.

The plant oil cooker with "protos" technology, developed by BSH, was conceived to be more than just another appliance; in addition to fulfilling the basic human need of food preparation, it also has the potential to generate positive ecological, economic, health, and social benefits. The innovative protos technology allows the use of any type of available plant oil as fuel for cooking.

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