Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Free heating is something lots of people this time of year will be thinking about. The temperature has dropped to almost 0 Degrees right now here in the UK, everyone is running central heating 7 days a week and worrying about the increasing costs of fossil fuel.

Free heating would be the answer for us all right now!

There are many ways that we can provide ourselves with free (Well almost free) heating providing we put some initial efforts in.

The number 1 thing we can do to get free heating is to use wood to heat our homes. Wood is a ‘Carbon Neutral’ source of energy and it actually heats you 3 times. 1. Felling 2.Splitting & 3.Burning!

Solar hot air panels are also another great source of free heating, providing the sun is shining (Even well below freezing) the solar hot air panels will provide warm air for you.

Some people have used solar hot water to heat a heat store (A large insulated body of water) through the day, then on an evening the heated water can be pumped around their radiators which in turn heat your home.

Finally you can burn waste vegetable oils with a babington burner and use the produced heat in all manor of ways to heat your home. The uses of a Babington burner are endless.

Free Heating is something we can all achieve with a little bit of handy work and imagination.

Wishing all my readers a very ‘Warm Christmas’

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