Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Learn how to make a wind turbine from recycled parts with little or no money.

Many ask if it can be done. Well yes it can be done. Many of the parts used in small scale wind turbines can be found in scrap yards or your local tips.


To make a DIY wind turbine that is capable of producing DC (Direct Current) then you require the following items.

  1. PMDC Motor (Permanent Magnet Direct Current) 50 to 1,000 Watts and as high voltage as possible 90–140 are the best.

  2. A Blocking Diode To Suit.

  3. Some PVC pipe for the blades.

  4. A Tail Fin.

  5. Scaffolding Pole To Mount

  6. Mounting brackets.

  7. Some suitable cable

  8. Lots of constant, non turbulent wind!

For a more detailed explanation of how to make a wind turbine then visit our DIY Wind Turbine page.

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  1. P.S. I made one that was producing in excess of 1KW in high winds for about £30.00 so it can be done and done well.