Thursday, 6 December 2007


his web hosting company uses 100% solar energy to directly power their customers websites. This is "carbon free" web hosting. This represents a significant step beyond "carbon neutral" (where a company uses "dirty" energy and then offsets it by buying carbon credits or coupons from distant renewable sources.)

Solar Energy Host is the conscious solution for green web hosting in an age of global warming and climate change. At Solar Energy Host your website is hosted using solar energy- the energy powering your site comes directly from the sun! This is better than "Carbon Neutral" because it does not involve the purchasing of Carbon Credits. By hosting your website with Solar Energy Host, you are making a real difference in reducing climate change.

And, we happen to offer the offer the best service and web hosting package around. Help stop climate change by hosting your website with Solar Energy Host.

Global warming has emerged as the most important issue of our generation. What is your website doing to help the planet? Host your website with us today and take a decisive step towards reducing your carbon footprint and stopping climate change. Our servers have great uptime (%99.9+) and our 24 hour email support system means that help is always close by. With instant activation, we can have your account up and running in minutes.

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