Sunday, 2 December 2007


Low carbon Olympic flame for 2012

A low-carbon Olympic flame will light up the 2012 Games provided a way can be found for it to be bright enough.

A carbon-neutral flame is difficult to see so Olympic organisers are looking for a suitable bio-fuel.

It is part of many measures announced by London 2012 organisers aimed at making the event the greenest ever.

It includes a carbon footprint study, a sustainable food strategy and a pledge to ensure no waste is sent to landfill during the Games.

The flame is such an iconic image that we have to get it right
EDF Energy's Gareth Wynn

An independent sustainability assurance body - the Commission For A Sustainable London 2012 - is being set up to provide independent monitoring of the plans.

The London Organising Committee (LOC) and EDF Energy have begun to search for a suitable bio-fuel for the flame, due to stand outside the stadium in Stratford.

Gareth Wynn, of EDF Energy, said that the low carbon flame "will definitely happen".

One possible answer is a bio gas, perhaps methane, using an organic material such as tree cuttings, he suggested.

Mr Wynn said: "The flame is such an iconic image that we have to get it right."

London 2012 chairman Lord Coe said: "We hope to use the power of the Games to drive change - behaviourally and in the way big events are staged in the future."

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