Sunday, 2 December 2007


A SHETLAND company making renewable energy possible for home owners has expanded its enterprise on the mainland.

Shetland Wind Power, which installs small wind turbines for domestic use, has opened a new distribution and training centre in Stirling.

The company was established in the 1990s when its founder and company director, Michael Anderson, became dissatisfied with the amount of money he was paying for his own domestic energy supply.

Since then the organisation has gained experience distributing and installing turbines manufactured by Kilmarnock-based Proven Energy Products in Shetland and beyond.

Now, with environmental concerns on the increase and "green" issues finding themselves more and more in the national headlines, Mr Anderson says it makes both economic and environmental sense to have his own facility down south.

"We just can't justify purchasing wind turbines, transporting them up to Shetland, and then transporting them back down to the UK," he said.

"The environmental impact would be horrendous, especially when we are selling wind turbine equipment purely on an environmental basis."

Stirling was chosen as a base because of its central location for distribution across Scotland, as well as the rest of the UK and Ireland.

Mr Anderson said it was easier to access areas like the Western Isles from the town, and all major hauliers pass through the area.

He said the move wouldn't have any affect on the company's Shetland-base in Sandwick.

"We are maintaining our interest in Shetland. We have installers based in Sandwick, and we want to improve our business in Shetland because we feel we want to serve the community here."

He added a "global change" over the last six or seven years has seen an increasing number of people becoming aware of the economic benefits of small-scale renewables, as well as the obvious environmental gains.

Mr Anderson said the move would help the company employ more staff in the future.

"We have two people based in Stirling at the moment, but we are looking to expand on that," he added.

The company has always shied away from large-scale industrial development, preferring to concentrate on a niche that helps individuals and families do their bit for the environment.

"It started 13 or 14 years ago when I decided to make my house more energy efficient. I purchased a wind turbine and decided I shouldn't just purchase one turbine, but that I should be marketing and selling these products also," said Mr Anderson.

The company also distributes and sells other small scale renewables, including solar energy products.

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