Thursday, 2 February 2006


It is so cold at the moment here in the United Kingdom! I am finding it hard to get anything done as the cold is freezing to the bone!

I came across an interesting post this evening regarding heat resistant Cladding. I want to clad the exhaust of my Lister so that the cladding encapsulates the heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer to the circulating water circuit. I have been pondering on how to do this for a couple of days when along came this post below....

While building my woodchip burner, I needed some kind of "locally
> available" refractory insulation. I came across a simple recipe on the
> net that so far Ive tested at 2000+ deg F directly exposed to flame /
> coals without problem or signs of degradation.
> What I used was 1 part refractory cement (high temp
> mortar) and 4
> parts pearlite. To this enough water was added till it was a "thick
> and pasty" consistancy. So that you know, Home Depot didnt carry the
> refractory cement but the "more profesionally geared" builders supply
> company did. As for pearlite, any garden center has it.
> Hope this is of use to someone.
> Cheers,
> Todd

It sounds like an ideal mix to me, I am going to obtain some mix and do some text batches to see how well it holds out to vibration etc.

Will post the results as I find out more..............


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