Friday, 3 July 2009


So what is 'Low Impact Sustainable Living'?

In modern day society we have become accustomed to using a huge amount of energy (Mainly in the form of domestic electricity) and heating. We are living high impact lifestyles which unfortunately are extremely damaging to our planet.

So how do we go about living a 'Low Impact' and more sustainable existence? First thing to consider is reducing our 'Carbon Footprint' it sounds technical it's simple. Try switching your incandescent lamps to compact fluorescent (CF) lamps. The saving is instant and you will be reducing your electricity reliance. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Try fitting TRV radiator valves to all but one of your radiators. You can adjust each room to a comfortable heat setting and turn down the heat in the rooms your not frequenting as often, all these simple steps are minimizing your 'Carbon Foot Print'

Some people choose to do their little bit to help towards a more sustainable existence where as others take 'Low Impact Sustainable Living' to a whole new level.

Below are some examples with short descriptions.

Lamar's Off-Grid Solar Log Cabin
Lamar lives off-grid in a wooden cabin he built himself

Simondale Low Impact House
A low impact house hand built in Wales UK

Judy Of The Woods
A Lady of the Welsh woods

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