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FreeLoader – Globetrotter Pack – Review – Cheapest UK Price!

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If you are an outdoors type or are planning a holiday in a remote location or backpacking across the globe then this really is something you will be glad you purchased. The FreeLoader Globetrotter is a portable solar energy recharging station; it is a battery pack for storing solar energy and a recharging pack for charging up practically any portable electronic device!
On a sunny day you can recharge the FreeLoader battery pack via the 2 small solar PV wings and also attach the Supercharger solar cell to boost the charging. Once the Free Loader battery pack is fully charged you can take it with you and when you need to recharge something you have the means to do so.

Never be without charging power again, regardless of where you are on earth, providing the sun shines, you have what it takes to keep energised!

Due to the technology behind the Free Loader – Globetrotter Packs batteries (Li-Ion) they hold lots of power and are incredibly light unlike the older battery technologies (NI-CAD – NiMH) which store similar amounts of power but weigh much more.

When road testing the FreeLoader Globetrotter Pack from Tango Group we found it really hard to pick fault with its performance, design, ruggedness nor its overall feel. The only thing we considered a tiny problem was that the Free Loader power pack case was finished in a stainless steel effect and it may, over time, get scratched! This is merely an aesthetic design issue and cannot be counted as something that goes against the product.

The design of the FreeLoader Globetrotter Pack is great. The power pack is compact and has detachable solar PV wings. This enables compact storage and prevents against accidental damage when not in use.

The FreeLoader Globetrotter Super Charger (The Large Additional Solar PV Panel) is practically indestructible. The Solar Cells are mounted on a clear PVC sheet (Not Glass) so it will withstand knocks and drops! It comes in its own weatherproof carry pouch with can be attached to all manner of items via the Velcro straps. It will mount to a Bike, Back Pack, Tent Roof, even On Top Of Your Head!

The FreeLoader Globetrotter Pack has the following features.

1. Will charge virtually any electronic portable device
2. Master cable to connect the unit to any of the 11 charging adaptors
3. 11 Adaptor charging clips
4. FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger
5. Supercharger solar PV panel
6. Supercharger case
7. FreeLoader tough case
8. Li-Ion 1000MAH internal rechargeable battery
9. 6V DC output charging voltage
10. 250MA output charge current

The FreeLoader Globetrotter Pack is designed with durability in mind. The last thing you want is your only source of power breaking in the middle of nowhere! Everything in its design has been thoroughly though about to make the FreeLoader Globetrotter Pack long lasting and able to withstand the most hostile of climates.

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Rating (1-5)
5 out of 5!

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