Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I would like to let everyone who has supported me through looking and learning about Renewable Energy via that I am going to Australia this Saturday.

The last 10 years of my life have been life changing, I have had some great times learning all about Lister CS engines as CHP units, Heat exchangers, Water to Water heat exchangers, Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Geo thermal, Off-Grid Power, Babington Atomising Burners, Turk Burners, Gasifiers, Wood Gas, SELV, IMAG Motors, PMDC Motors, PWM Motor control, Carbon Neutral Energy Sources and a million more subjects that I have whizzing around my head. Each and every one of them I have enjoyed and revelled in the wonder of it all. I have tried to build some kind of website to document what and how I have managed with each project. Not the best place on the web I know but I am not a web designer but more so an inventor and entrepreneur.

I will be gone for 5 weeks to see what the world has to offer for me. What the future holds I have no idea but what I know is this is something I need to do.

I doubt that HomeBrewPower will continue in the future as I now have new challenges and ideas to work on but if it does I will be bringing it back as a whole new concept..................

I will be dropping some posts in from Australia (Brisbane) to let all my friends and global associates know what I am learning over there and then again some final posts when I get back to the UK some time after October 20th 2008

I hope that you have all picked up something of interest from my ramblings and that one day we can converse once more.

I thank you all for your friendship

Kind regards
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