Monday, 14 July 2008


Well, I have been extremely busy lately with Home Brew Power. The business end as apposed to the Website end of things.

It seems that the Oil Crisis is finally impacting on the lives of every day people. The Fuel is going through the roof, both Diesel and Petrol are at record highs, the Oil prices (Fuel Oil) is driving people to look for real alternatives now.

Is there an easy solution to the problem? Answer, NO. You all now need to look at your energy footprint and start to look for ways to reduce it as much as possible without freezing yourselves to death.

Fixes to help:

1. Energy Saving lamps throughout your home, garage and outside lights are now a must do.
2. Leave a room, turn the light off
3. No more appliances on standby, when you have done with the TV, CD, DVD, MP3, Xbox, PS3 etc TURN IT OFF! Unplug it, that way there will be no phantom loads.
4. Have TRV's (Thermostatic Valves) fitted to your radiators, the rooms your not in, turn the heat down in the winter, you would be surprised how much GAS / Heating Oil you can save by doing this!
5. Have your home Cavity Wall Insulated, again a great way to save valuable heat escaping on a cold day / night.
6. Put on an extra layer of clothing on an evening, it's not that hard to do and will save you money!

All I can say is the situation is going to worsen from here on in, oil is finite, it will run out and we need to look for viable solutions to the 'Soon to be upon us' Energy Crisis. For now I suggest we all look at the waste energy and do something to reduce it ASAP.

I am seeing more and more people asking me about the possibilities of CO-GEN / Micro CHP systems for homes, it is something I see will fast become common, people and families will become self sufficient and off-grid, away from the hungry power companies and greedy suppliers. Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Geo Thermal, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Micro CHP, Wind Turbines will all become common sites within our cities and streets over the next decade.

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