Thursday, 6 March 2008


If you can not afford a complete solar PV installation or a grid-tied Wind Turbine but would still like to do your bit for the environment then how about having 1 socket powered via the sun?

We can install a Solar Panel, Inverter, Batteries, Charge controller and socket outlet, the latter inside your home that is powered from the sun. You could use it to power your TV, maybe a lamp or laptop? It is the most economical way you can get into the Eco Revolution!
Why not give us a call and we can give you some more info on our Eco-Powered Sockets!

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Andy Mahoney
Home Brew Power
Off-Grid Power Installer - UK)
Mobile: 07504 50 50 89
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  1. Nice blog and great information. I love solar power projects. All of mine are homebrew. I have many trials and errors with my projects but I learn a little each time. I will be checking back often and will be sending you some traffic via my blog.