Thursday, 14 February 2008


This week has been rather strange. What started out as a simple week has evolved into something more sinister!

Life can be like that, once in a while it comes along and tests you, it tries to push you to the limits and then a little further!

In a nutshell this week has been somewhere on the scale of 8/10. Difficult? Yes, Impossible? No.

The bulk of my work and revenue comes from my electrical business, Mahoney Electrical. This is what I pay the bills with and do 5 days out of 7. I would love to spend all my time on I have huge plans for it. Problem with any master plan is the one driving force always comes down to Money! Or as I was once told, 'The LACK of money is the route of all evil!'

I guess what I need here at is nothing short of a miracle, I need a big fat cheque to fall out of the sky and enable me to kickstart the business I dream of.

I want to travel the globe bringing all the latest Eco / Green News, Products, Concepts to light for my viewers.

Anyone out there with excesses of money want to make a donation? Don't be shy!

Things we are looking for right now.............

1. Eco Products to evaluate / review
2. Pictures of peoples sustainable lifestyle with info
3. Big Fat Cheque

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