Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Our batch of hand made Babington Oil Atomizing Balls have arrived at HomeBrewPower!

Close-Up of a Babington Ball

Our order of custom made Babington Burner Balls have now arrived at HomeBrewPower UK.

These Nozzles enable the clean burning of Waste Vegetable Oil, Straight Vegetable Oil, Waste Motor Oil and any other combustible oil you can think of!

The principle is really simple, ' The Babington Ball is connected to an air source (Car tyre inflator or any other small air source capable of producing around 30-40 PSI via a 1/2" NPT standard fitting) A tiny stream of air is jetted out of a 0.010" presicion hole in the middle of the Babington Ball. Oil is pumped over the outer surface if the Ball producing a thin film around the ball head.

Where the jet of air is expelled the oil is Atomized into mist which can be readily burned. The atomizing effect is known as the Venturi effect similar to the principle of a whale expelling air when it surfaces.'

If you would like to purchase a Babington Oil Atomizing Ball then please visit our online shop by clicking HERE.

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