Friday, 4 January 2008



Name: Chris Driver Location: Blackburn (UK)

Hobbies: Alternative Energy, Bio Fuel Production, Alternative Fuels For Engines, Diesel Engine Restoration, WVO As A Fuel, Fabrication & CHP.

Story By Andy Mahoney

I met Chris through He shares many of my interests in alternative energy and sustainable energy. The thing that stood out to me about Chris was his genuine enthusiasm and interest into his hobbies, this trait has most probably developed from his profession in the police force.

I managed to drive out to meet up with Chris on the 13th of January 2007 to take a glimpse Into his achievements. The first thing that took me in awe whilst approaching his farm house was the 6KW Grid Tied Proven wind machine (Pictured) It is located adjacent to the main house and was in full swing the entire time I spent at his house. Watching such a machine in close proximity is something every enthusiast should try!

Chris encountered some problems with neighbours objecting to his turbine installation claiming that the noise would be excessive and that the shadows cast by the rotors would be problematic. On personally viewing his setup in action I can con-firm that the noise of the turbine is actually cancelled out by the sound of the wind itself and also the horses in the field adjacent do not seem to notice the turbine at all!

Chris explained that he was Looking into a future investment that would be beneficial later on in life, he finally chose to have the wind generator installed by Turbine Services The unit is a Proven 6KW Grid tied turbine which also back feeds the national grid in times of excess power generation.

Chris is very pleased with the installation and especially the after service received from Turbine Services. Any glitches with the setup have been addressed and resolved in a prompt manner. Whilst Chris is in his house he can monitor the performance of the wind turbine, the system came with an Electrisave wire-less power monitor, it shows constant readings of his power use and power generation at 1 second intervals.

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