Monday, 15 October 2007


CHP,Micro CHP,Stirling Engine,Reciprocating Engine


These systems are usually fueled on gas, although some can burn a range of other fuels, and produce electrical power and thermal energy from the single fuel source. The two major types of engines used in microCHP systems are:

Reciprocating engines

The electrical output of this type of micro-combined heat and power (microCHP) units typically start at about 5 kW offering around 10-12kW of thermal output. Significant development work has been underway and currently continues, particularly in the USA, but here in the UK Baxi Technologies UK are leading the market.

Stirling engines

These are external combustion engines with a sealed system using an inert working fluid, usually helium or hydrogen. They range in size from ½ kW upwards and are now available on the market with the leading brands being Microgen and Whisper Tech

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