Saturday, 23 June 2007

Npower Launches Solar Generation Initiative 23rd June 2007

RWE npower launches initiative to encourage UK uptake of solar generation

RWE npower is launching npower solar PV, an integrated service offering UK customers solar energy information through to installation and electricity generation. The introduction of this new service comes after new research revealed that only 4.5% of Brits are considering switching to solar energy in the near future.

The UK electricity supplier hopes that the new initiative will make solar power more accessible and educate homeowners about the value that solar panels can add to their homes, as well as about the environmental benefits of using pollution-free power.

RWE npower's research, carried out by Tickbox Survey on a sample case of 1,192 adults, showed that, for 60% of those who want to be more environmentally friendly, cost is the major barrier to solar installation. In addition, 11% of those asked said that they believe it is not sunny enough to warrant the move, while 6% are not convinced that the panels actually work.

RWE npower cited Micropower Council figures for 2007, which state that, at present, only 0.13% of Brits own solar panels. The utility said that even though solar panels could cut yearly electricity bills by around 40%, almost half of those asked believe that a new kitchen would add more value to their house.
Therefore, from June 21, 2007, npower is offering customers a complete solar PV solution including installation and connection to the consumer's existing electricity supply. Once the solar panels are up and running, npower can arrange energy supply and buy-back.

Robert Harper, environment and renewables manager for npower, commented: "npower's solar PV offering will make it easy for homeowners to sign-up and manage their solar journey from installation through to generating their own power. If a customer generates more power than they need, the green eco-friendly electricity will go back into the grid and npower will buy it back for the same price as you'd buy it for."
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