Saturday, 16 December 2006


The time of year (Well I have been putting it off for over 6 months now) to De-Coke the Lister CS 6/1 engine.

I am finally going to take the head off and clean all the crud from the valves and ports then pop down to my local auto parts store for a valve seating kit and grind them back up to perfection.

I have already drained the coolant circuit down and isolated the WVO lines ready for the operation but since it is almost hitting Zero (Freezing) through the day here in sunny Yorshire I thought no time like the present to get the chore done.

I believe that running it in 'Stealth Mode' for 6 months has done the engine no favours at all! i.e. under 300 RPM for long periods at a time.

Andy Mahoney

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  1. Andy,
    Thanks for the informative Website. I am curious about the maintenance of a Lister on WVO. From your posts, it looks like you have run the engine about 1 year. Possibly only periodically.

    About how many hours did it run? Was it only for a few hours daily?

    Did you shut it down on diesel fuel? If you shut it down on WVO while it is hot, it will coke faster.

    The picture doesn't look too bad for coking. Is there a ridge on the cylinder where the piston rings stop? This is the big reason for cleaning the coke. If it is left, you will break the compression rings. This will be major damage.

    Thanks again, diyer